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Licences electricians and electrician in the West Island of Montreal, Vaudreuil, Saint Lazare for over 45 years! L&L Electric Inc. offers a variety of services for the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sector with a preference for the green energy technologies. All our work is focused on saving you money by installing the proper, most performant and greenness equipment available. We are a family in a company, we listening well, we understand the word "budget," we think twice and do it once.
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Outdoor Lights Installation, backyard in Pierrefonds, West Island Outdoor Lights Installation, walkway in Kirkland, West Island

Montreal Outdoor Lighting Installations FAQ:

Even, if we can only enjoy a few months out of the year, the Beauty of the West Island Outdoor Lights, Quebecois still love s the warm presence of a Well Illuminated Residential landscape lighting. Today we enjoy the luxury of having multiples designs choices from AC low voltage landline system and now, the solar DC landscaping rechargeable battery led lights. Solar lights are currently in use everywhere since the technology is getting perfected, year by year.

Outdoor Lights Installation, pool in Pointe Claire, West Island Outdoor Lights Installation, steps in Dorval, West Island

West Island outdoor lighting installations available with our services?

Outdoor lights installation and sells are more than a Billion dollars per years in North America. The reason why we in the West Island of Montreal, home-owner, loves, buys and installs exterior lights around our property. We introduce them especially when we plan a new exterior makeover for our house. Solar energy lights have come down in price and are now more affordable for everybody Exterior Home Improvement Projects. According to recent statistics, renovating and house enhancement is now a successful trending movement. Many home-owners will invest in exterior lighting enhancement for their home, especially since so many products are now available in every store. Horticulture and now Landscape Lighthing are used in unison to upgrade to look out any residence. Today, home buyers are looking for homes well-kept inside-out. Having a great landscape lighting design property, give an edge over others and feels like a pleasant upgrade.

Outdoor Lights Installation by our West Island Electrician.

L&L Electric Inc. have been installing landscape lighting systems for many years. We even upgrade our knowledge to be confirmed with the new technologies and Exterior-Lighthing-Ideas. Our electrician love to work outside and don't mind getting dirty. The light design inside out is our specialty, and we have the connection to obtain the best quality for Your Landscape Lighting Project. From adding a new breaker in the Service Panel to an exterior winterize relay box, a proper condition powered AC to DC transformer, all the adequate gauge wires and conduits needed to Install All the Lights and the Fixtures for your beautiful home our commercial landscape. We will design the structure of the lighting layout so the results will be just spectacular. Another reason you need a Certified, Licensed Electrician to do this job is the fact that we can install at the same time original light fixtures, post lighting, proper soffit lighting and 120 volts AC other more powerful units that a non-license contractor is not permitted to install. Finally, get someone you can count on and has the proper qualifications to play with your principal and the dangerous power grid. Hire L&L Electric Inc., we are a Green Team of an Electricians with great ideas and, the most important; we can bring them to reality. Hotels, Downtown buildings, Skyrise, rooftop lighting installation, homes and businesses, big or small, architect plans and residential contractors, we can be the pillar of all your electrical needs.

Outdoor Lights Installation, front house in Vaudreuil, West Island Outdoor Lights Installation, backyard pool in Montreal, West Island

Is Solar Landscape Lighting a choice to consider in my landscaping outdoor lighting installations?

Solar powered lights are not wired to anything, also call for no transformers. Line voltage systems used to be the only alternative for Exterior Landscaping Lights. They are currently silicon-based yet, various other substances are being presently researched and, major break threw are soon to be announced. Reduced voltage systems and also solar powered lights are altering now this sector. I guess that in a few years, the small photovoltaic panels that will supply the energy to the led light or lighting unit will be so powerful and long-lasting that, landline system will eventually disappear entirely from this industry. The general functionality is as follows; the mini solar panels (generally installed on the top of the light component) that stores the sunlight's power acquired throughout the day to power up the mini batteries located in the light that then supplies power to the LED light that lights up in the evening because of a photocell. Even with the trouble to eventually have to change the rechargeable batteries, solar energy landscape design lights are coming to be incredibly preferred. 2 or 3 years back, solar lights were not as brilliant as customers desired. Solar lights did not brighten for extended periods (1-2 years max, then faulty) and also were not that reliable throughout summer. Today nonetheless, solar lights are brilliant, reliable and can be installed in harder areas to reach with standard DC landscaping lights. Various other customers choose the outside solar lights because these lights are much easier to mount as well as can be relocated anywhere at impulse when attempting different lighting design. You may not take only Solar Landscaping Lights to do the whole project, but having them in certain areas will enhance and facilitate your final creation.

Why is most of the Montreal Landscaping outdoor lighting installations are done with led lights?

The lights can be utilized for any exterior lights application, although they still require to be wired with each other except when we use solar lights. Exterior LED Lights Dependability, lifespan is benefiting from current significant advancement in light emitting diode (LED) light bulb. The Light Bulbs Last for More 100,000 hrs, call for no upkeep are well isolated, shock tested and very important, low in energy consumption. The new transformer is bigger and better; they can supply sufficient wattage to a more significant number of lights and units than before. We offer secure to replace and reliable products.
Spotlights, Well Lights, Floodlights, Hardscape Lights, Path Lights, decorative lights, are all LED lights available to be installed in Your Dream landscape outdoor lighting installations. Even waterproof fountain lights can be installed in water units. We use only the best quality products from the most reputable company so you can modify your installation at a later date and still have products available by these reputable landscape lights company. Here to name a few; Paradise lighting, Kichler Lighting, Volt Lighting, Unique Lighting Systems. We can even match your outdoor lighting installations with smart device installation! Yes, control all your lights, the intensity, the colours, the operating times and much more. We are also an electrician specialist in the smart home installation. Jump in the new era and Hire L&L Electric Inc. and change your future lifestyle. Give us a Call, don't delay as the season is short and sunny days are counted!

All right! If you were searching on Google these exact terms: Montreal outdoor lighting installations, you've landed on the right electrical contractor to take care of your outdoor lights installation in the West Island of Montreal. Don't wait, give us a call and see by yourself the Excellence of Our Services. Thank you. See you Soon.

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Montreal West Island Service Panel Installation

Service Panel


Residential - Commercial - Municipality

Montreal West Island Genarator Installation



Residential - Commercial - Agricultural

Montreal West Island Electrical Renovation



Residential - Commercial - Industrial

Montreal West Island Heated Flooring Installation

Heated Flooring


Bathroom - Basement - Kitchen

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Montreal West Island Smart Home Installation

Smart Home


Residential - Commercial - Industrial

Montreal West Island Solar Panel installation

Solar Panel


Residential - Commercial - Agricultural

Montreal West Island Led Lights Installation

Led Lights


Residential - Commercial - Industrial

Montreal West Island Residential Electric Car Charging Station Installation

EV Charger


Residential - Commercial - Municipality

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Montreal West Island Pool Electrician



Residential - Commercial - Municipality

Montreal West Island De Icing Cable Installation

De Icing Cable


House - Business - Industry

Montreal West Island Exterior Lights Installation

Outdoor Lighting


Residential - Commercial - Municipality

Montreal West Island Driveway Heated System Installation

Driveway Heating System


Driveway - Walkway - Patio

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