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Licences electricians and electrician in the West Island of Montreal, Vaudreuil, Saint Lazare for over 45 years! L&L Electric Inc. offers a variety of services for the residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural sector with a preference for the green energy technologies. All our work is focused on saving you money by installing the proper, most performant and greenness equipment available. We are a family in a company, we listening well, we understand the word "budget," we think twice and do it once.
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Service Panel Installation completed in Pierrefonds, West Island Wiring and installation of the Service Panel in the West Island


Typing; "electrician near me", so you want to change and install a new Electrical Service Panel in your Residence. Are you upgrading from a 60 amp to a 100 amp or even considering a 200 amp electrical circuit board panel? Wanting all the electricity in your house meeting the Quebec Electrical Code with your upgraded Electrical Service Panel and new switches, fixtures for your new kitchen area or your new attached sunroom? We at L&L Electric Inc., we do it all! Our electricians will do your Service Panel Installation to meet all your new energy needs. We will install only superior products that will exceed all industry standards. From the panel board to all your re-design, fresh and improve energy structure, we will re-install all wires, switches, plugs and fixtures to newly assigned locations by following strict Electricity Standards.
Let's be clear; changing a service circuit panel is not for a hobbyist or do it yourself type of workers. This West Island Electrical Panel Installation should be taken very seriously and can be very dangerous if not deadly. Only certified and licensed electrician can do this work. If an electrician shows up to your door and has a very low quote compared to the rest of the quotations you've received, you better check him out and verify his license and assurances. Get this done by a no license hobbyist and kiss goodbye your insurance money if your house catches on fire. This Main Circuit Breaker Panel controls all electric circuit in your home. This service panel is connected with the main feed wire from Hydro Quebec system grid. From this service unit, you can supply sufficient energy and amperage to any electrical units and accessories connected in your residence. A great balance Breaker Box, a well though house grid and no overloaded breakers will operate securely and efficiently throughout the years to come. Get it done by a professional, get it done by L&L Electric Inc.

Starting from scratch the Service Panel Installation in Pointe Claire, West Island Electrician testing his Service Panel Installation in Dorval, West Island


Upgrading from a smaller panel unit because you are running out of place to put new breakers is a good idea. Today, new modern residential homes mostly come with 200 Amp panels. Older homes needed less energy to run and where originally installed with 60 to 100 amp panels. With time, the panel can be overloaded; it's better to Upgrade the Electrical Panel before any trouble occurs. An upgrade should run between $2000-$3000 depending on the complexity of the re-wiring and the cost of the panel, breakers and other electrical parts. Upgrading from a 60 amp to a 100 amp electrical panel should be around 1500$ to $2500. We will supply you with a detailed and clear estimate that will break down the work and all the necessary accessories and electrical items to assure a Montreal Service Panel Installation done Professionally.

Can I only upgrade my breakers to more amperage and keep my old circuit panel?

This is dangerous especially if you decide to this by yourself without knowing too much what you are doing. Unfortunately, these days we have too many YouTube Electricians. If you upgrade your breaker to accept higher amperage you can cause an in-wall fire. 15 amp to 20 amps needs a different gauge wire so when utilized the cable does not overheat. Many other rules apply, and naturally, your Licence Electrician knows all these Electrical Codes and proper Materials to use. Simplify your life; there is some things, it makes sense to save money, some other things, it's simply stupid.

Old installation of a service panel in the Vaudreuil, West Island Half way done with the service panel installation in Montreal

How much to re-wire my entire house in the West Island of Montreal while I get a Service Panel Replacement & Installation ?

Here is a tricky question. Depending on the localization of all the wires (all in the walls), an electrician can be faced with quite a few hours to fish, re-wire and re-locate all the current house electrical grid. You can easily expect for a bungalow size house (around 1200-1400 square feet (130 square meters)) between $8000 to $14000. A bigger house will be a more significant challenge especially if it has a second floor or difficult working access. You can also expect some wall repairs and plastering after these upgrades. Our Professional Electrician Estimator will let you know all possibilities for this modification and will not leave out any extras as a surprise to settle with arguments at the end of the project.

You may also decide to get Solar Panel Installation, a gas, propane or a Home Diesel Generator device, an energy generating windmill in the backyard or merely choose to upgrade your entire Montreal West Island house to today trending electrical ideas. Give us a call and explain your project ideas; we will guide you with all the best possibilities and products to achieve your dream at a reasonable, cost-effective price. Being a green company and promoting GREEN ENERGY throughout our electrical installations, L&L Electric Inc. supports low consumption energy products, facilities and technologies. We are Electricians for this New Era, and our goal is to save you money in the long run, assure an electrical panel quality installation for all your home renovations. Don't wait any longer, call us now! All right! If you were searching on Google these exact terms: '' Montreal Panel Replacement '', you've landed on the right electrical contractor to take care of your home service panel installation and upgrades in the West Island of Montreal. Don't wait, give us a call and see by yourself the excellence of our services. Thank you. See you soon.

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